What to consider when choosing an orangery roof?

If there is any decision to be made after detailed consultation and care, it is the decision of choosing the type of orangery roof you want. The roof of an orangery gives it a very good outlook. The two main things that you need to decide regarding the roof are:

· The material from which you are going to make it

· The shape of the roof i.e. straight roof, slanting, an outdoor shelter type or one with the vent opening option

For instance if you go for the glass roof, it would be no doubt quite airy and bright but this might not be favorable in the main summers and winter season. For the extreme seasons you need to consider the following things:

· Does the roof offer any ventilation option? This is usually seen in the electric thermostatically controlled roof vents.

· If you are going for a glass roof, don’t forget to choose the glass which is easy to clean and try to find out the ways to clean the glass before you have it installed at your orangery.

· Have you thought about the cold weather in winters? Ask the designers to let you know about the roof style which will help in retaining the heat within the place to keep the inside warm.